Pregnancy Compression Socks


Stylish Cotton Compression Socks

All-Day Comfort, Support & Energy

Dr. Segal’s Cotton Compression Socks provide fast relief for tired, achy legs or mild swelling. By increasing circulation, they also reduce incidence of varicose veins & blood clots. Whether you're after womens compression socks or compression socks for men, they are great for work, pregnancy, sports, travel, and anywhere else life takes you!

Goodbye Achy
Swollen Legs

Relief from pain and fatigue while reducing soreness and swelling.


All-day comfort, support & energy while standing or sitting.

can Benefit

Perfect for anyone who sits or stands for extended periods of time, during travel, pregnancy, and while exercising.

Designed by
a Physician

With over 25 years of experience treating vein issues, Dr. Segal's Socks are comfortable and effective.

What Customers Are Saying

Marcia O.

Best compression socks I have found. And, I have tried many different brands. I will be purchasing more of these socks because they really do keep my ankles from swelling.

Calvin C.

I have been wearing your compression socks for only 10 days now and immediately found relief. I get through the day with little to no swelling and my legs don't feel like lead weights. You have a customer and advocate for life.

Colleen M.

Wearing these every 12 hour shift decreases my swelling immensely! They are so much easier to put on than most compression socks! I recommend to everyone!