Travel Risks

When traveling long distances - whether it be by plane, car, bus or train - your movement is limited and blood circulation in your legs is restricted. These cramped conditions over long periods of time can cause leg pain, swelling, lower body fatigue,  and in some deadly cases - blood clots.

Traveling with your Compression Socks

Blood Clots & Travel: The Invisible Risk

While few have symptoms, everyone has risks. In fact 75-99% of those who developed a travel-related blood clot had one or more preexisting risk factors and didn't even know it.

Myth: Blood clots only happen to old people

Truth: Blood clots can happen to anyone during travel, regardless of age, weight, or lifestyle.

Risk of blood clots increases with Travel Time

  • Blood flow in the lower legs can decrease up to 50% after just 60 minutes of immobility.
  • Research shows that any type of travel lasting 4 or more hours increases your chance of developing a deadly blood clot (DVT)
  • Travel is associated with a 3-fold higher risk of DVT. Additionally, the risk increases with duration of travel -18% higher risk for DVT for each 2-hour increase in duration of travel by any mode (risk goes up to 26% for air travel)
  • Low cabin pressure in air travel increases your chance of forming a blood clot.

Know the Risks:

  • Previous blood clot
  • Varicose Veins
  • Family history
  • Active cancer treatment
  • Recent surgery/ trauma
  • Greater than 40 years of age are at higher risk
  • Smoking
  • Obesity
  • Oral Contraceptives
  • Hormone replacement therapy
  • Pregnancy or Postpartum period

Benefits of Compression Socks while Traveling

Wearing Travel or flight socks can provide the following benefits during long plane or car rides:

  • Reduce Lower Body Fatigue
  • Reduce  Leg Achiness
  • Reduce Swelling of the Feet and Ankles
  • Reduce the Incidence of Blood Clots (DVT’s)

How it Works?

Graduated compression socks work to simulate the action of the calf muscle pump during times when a person is inactive thus speeding up blood flow and helping to relieve these symptoms

Other tips for Travelers:

  • Move your feet and ankles every 30 minutes - rotating them in circles helps
  • Take a short walk every 2 hours
  • Prevent dehydration by taking plenty of fluids and avoiding alcohol
  • Wear comfortable clothing

Why Dr. Segal’s has the best Flight Socks?

  • Dr’ Segal’s Sock Technology comes with anti-Microbial silver-ion wash that provide effective odor and stain protection as well as moisture-wicking technology to keep you dry and fresh during the entire journey
  • Our compression socks are available in several fashionable colors and prints to match your style. Browse our Travel Collection (15-20 mmHg) that provides the right compression level for long flights and travel.