Travelling Rituals: The Flight
Travelling is great. You get to see new places, meet new people, and experience new

things. The only part of travelling that is not always great is the actual travelling.

Most destination trips these days are done by airplane. Some people have a fear of

flying; the process stresses others out. Airlines and airports do not make it easy on

us, the modern flyers. We must arrive hours before our flight only to be fined with

baggage fees. This is followed by a lengthy lineup that leads to an all-to- thorough

security check. Once we are through that unwelcoming procedure, we wait for the

plane, perhaps the only moment of solace in what is always a long travel day. Once

on board, the conditions are cramped, stuffy, and loud. Capitalism is a great system

but its influence on making airplanes more like sardine cans than travel quarters is


To bypass some unwanted fears and stresses, some resort to rituals that one does

every time he or she goes for a flight. There is a Russian superstition that it is good

luck to sit for a moment of silence before leaving the house on a long journey. Some

do yoga, others meditate, and others take a pill before they board the never-

comfortable flight.

May I suggest one more ritual? On your travel day, wear your pair of Dr. Segal’s

Compression Socks. The socks will not guarantee a no-hassle trip through security,

nor will it guarantee a discount on baggage fees. However, it will make the airplane

ride a little more comfortable, and your body will thank you for it. When flying, it is

true that your legs swell from a change of pressure, and leg pain is also very

common. Dr. Segal’s Compression Socks can reduce the swelling of legs as well as

ease the leg pain produced from extended periods of decreased mobility.

Not only that, but you are actually at risk of blood clots while flying! The low cabin

pressure, combined with decreased mobility, dehydration, and the intake of alcohol

all contribute to increasing your risk of blood clots. Dr. Segal’s Compression Socks

are proven to decrease your risk of developing travel-related blood clots.

So, whether you sit, stretch, breathe, or medicate to prepare for your trip, it is

important for your health to add the new ritual of wearing Dr. Segal’s Compression

Socks to your long travel days.

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