The Scale of Travelling
Dr. Segal’s Compression Socks are beneficial when used to prevent leg pain caused
by long distance walking or running, and preventing blood clots caused by extended
periods of decreased mobility. With these two functions, Dr. Segal’s Compression
Socks are the ideal footwear for travel. If you want to travel and see some sights
then you must be prepared for the scale of the world. The best things, the hidden
gems, are not small and they are not always easy to reach.
Take the Alhambra for example, a Roman/Moorish fortress and palace southwest of
Barcelona, Spain. The Alhambra has an immense history, breathtaking views, and
intricate architecture. However, it is an eight-hour drive from Barcelona, and the
palace is situated atop a large hill. Once you do reach the Alhambra, do not expect
much rest. It takes hours to walk the entire fortress.
It is worth it, absolutely, but the Alhambra can be a test on your legs. The decreased
mobility of the long car ride can create blood clots, and the walking at the Alhambra
can cause leg fatigue or pain. Dr. Segal’s Compression Socks will help keep the blood
flowing in your legs whether you spend hours in the car or a day walking through
the Alhambra.
Another Spanish example is La Valle de los Caidos, “The Valley of the Fallen”.
Located outside of Madrid, it can be reached by a one-hour drive up a steep and
crooked road. The Valley of the Fallen is an expansive monument that is dedicated
to those who lost their lives in the Spanish Civil War. It is also the final resting place
of the general Francisco Franco. It is a beautiful thing to behold, but once the car
ride is done, be prepared to walk. The scale of this monument is remarkable. The
opening promenade is massive, which then leads to the inside where there is a
cathedral. Behind the cathedral is a Benedictine abbey. According to Wikipedia, the
entire monument covers over 3,360 acres of land. Dr. Segal’s Compression Socks
should be worn on your trip to The Valley of the Fallen because they will keep your
legs energized and pain-free as you walk through this somber monument.
Travelling is fantastic, but do not expect any sort of quick journeys. Some of the
most memorable things are hard to reach and huge in scale. These are not your
typical day-trips. These hidden gems take a long time to reach, and that means
hours of decreased mobility. They also take a long time to tour, and that means
hours of walking. Dr. Segal’s Compression Socks are ideal because they keep the
blood flowing and prevent fatigue in your legs. Happy legs means happy travels, so
be sure to pack your Dr. Segal’s.