Tidying up with Marie Kondo & Dr. Segal's

Spring has fully sprung - which means warmer weather, flowers blooming, but also spring cleaning!

For some spring cleaning is a dreadful task - but here at Dr. Segal’s we have come up with some Marie Kondo inspired tips to make it a bit better. 

Cleaning with Dr. Sega'ls Strip Cotton Blue Energy Socks

Do you feel buried in clutter and having a hard time getting rid of things? We took a page from expert organizer Marie Kondo and her Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up for some de-clutter and organizing tips. Many people swear by her method and call it "life changing" - so we decided to give it a try! 

 Tip #1: Tackle by Category

Kondo’s first rule is to tidy by category— not room. This means dealing with every single book, jacket, sweater, etc. all at once. Here we decided to place all our compression socks together.

Organized Set of Dr. Segal's Compression Socks

  Tip #3: Getting Rid of Things

Does it spark joy? This is what you should be asking yourself with every item you own according to KonMari method. If the answer is yes, then you can keep the item, and if no, it should be thrown away. If you are wondering - Yes - all our compression socks spark joy! 

Kondo suggests not putting anything away until everything you are going to discard is removed.

This is great to do in Spring to get rid of clothes you no longer wear. On the plus side, you can help someone else by donating it to a local charity or thrift store.

Laundry Bin filled with Dr. Segal's Compression Socks

Tip #3: The Fold

Kondo’s vertical folding technique makes everything look neatly arranged in rows with similar colors. This creates more storage space and makes it very easy to take items in and out without jostling through a whole pile.

To keep these little folded packages standing in the dresser, Kondo suggests using shoe boxes or small organizing bins as drawer dividers. 

Dr. Segal's Compression Socks Folded in Drawers

Here is the technique in action with socks:

 Tip #4: By Dr. Segal's

Stay in style and comfort while you work to clean and de-clutter with our fashionable compression socks! Once you get rid of the old - you can make way for the new and check out our "What's New" section for our latest trendy designs and patterns.

Do you have any special cleaning and de-cluttering tips that you use? Let us know in the comments.