Happy feet equals a happy mom. At least this is how we feel here at Dr. Segal's with our stylish and comfortable collection of compression and diabetic socks. 

With various trendy designs and colors to choose from, these are definitely not your average socks. Your mom will certainly be happy to receive a pair or two of these Socks With Benefits. Not only do they look good, but they also promote leg health!

Why Gift Compression Socks For Moms?

While moms will appreciate the many benefits of compression socks, they will also appreciate you taking care of them and their feet.


1. Compression Socks Reduce Swelling

The number one benefit of compression socks is to reduce swelling. Dr. Segal's graduated compression increases circulation and prevents blood from pooling into your legs and feet. There are many causes for swelling, but it can occur as a result of gravity, especially from sitting or standing in one place for too long. 

2. Compression Socks Prevent Blood Clots 

Blood clots or DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis) can be caused by anything that prevents your blood from circulating or clotting normally, such as injury to a vein, surgery, certain medications, and limited movement. Wearing compression socks reduces the risk of DVT and complications. The pressure created by compression socks pushes fluid up the leg, which allows blood to flow freely from the legs to the heart.

3. Compression Socks Prevent Varicose and Spider Veins

Varicose veins are superficial veins that have become enlarged or twisted. According to the Society for Vascular Surgery, 35% of people in the United States have Varicose Veins. It is most prevalent for women, and incidence rates increase with age. Wearing compression socks daily can help prevent and relieve varicose veins  by increasing circulation in the lower legs.

4. Compression Socks Make for Great Travel Socks


When traveling long distances - whether it be by plane or car - your movement is limited and blood circulation in your legs is restricted. These cramped conditions over long periods of time can cause leg pain, swelling, lower body fatigue, and in some serious cases - blood clots. 
For her next trip, have your mom travel in comfort and style with a pair o f Dr. Segal's Compression Socks. 

Another Gift Option - Diabetic Socks

If you have a mom or grandma with diabetes, neuropathy or other feet sensitivity issues, a good alternative to consider would be Dr. Segal's Diabetic Socks. She will be happy to say goodbye to boring white or beige diabetic socks. After all, being at a high risk for foot injuries doesn’t mean you need to sport ugly socks! Special features to protect her feet include: non binding top band, seamless toes, cushioned foot-bed, and anti-microbial and moisture wicking treatment. 

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Happy Mother's Day From Dr. Segal's Team. Hope you enjoy time with loved ones.