Dr. Segal's New Year's Resolutions

New Year = New Goals. January is the perfect time to reflect on the year ahead and plan for ways to  make your life better. We have come up with a list for a happy and healthy 2020.

Take the Stairs

If leading a more active lifestyle is on your 2020 list - you are not alone! In a 2019 Survey, 65% of people mentioned "Exercise More" as their resolution. If you are having trouble committing to the gym or exercise regiment, an easy way to start is by taking the stairs or incorporating more walking in your day to day. Will you give this a try next time you have a choice between elevator or stairs? 

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Work Out to Feel Good

Many people exercise to loose weight. Instead of obsessing over the scale, focus on how amazing you feel since you started being more active. Numbers don't mean much, but you can quantify how your energy level or your mood has improved and how those jeans are fitting better. Motivate yourself to exercise by getting cute exercising gear including some Dr. Segal's compression socks to go along with it. These socks will help you stick to Your New Year’s Resolutions and motivate you to keep working out

Dr. Segal's Compression Socks for Working out

Plan a Vacation

This year we want to travel more because hey, everyone deserves some rest and relaxation. It seems obvious that traveling makes people happy, but now there is legitimate science to back this claim. Even the act of planning and looking forward to a trip can boost happiness for weeks. As if you need more reasons to get away, vacations can improve your health, boost your creativity and productivity, and have even been shown to increase a person’s lifespan.

 Enjoy More Time With Friends and Family 

Most of us would say our loved ones are our first priority. Unfortunately, with work and other responsibilities, quality time spent with friends and family is often forgotten. A smart idea is to designate specific blocks of time in your daily or weekly schedule and treat this time as any other appointment. In order to make the most out of this time, be sure to have no distractions by putting your phone away.

Have you made any resolutions for the year? Let us know in the comments what they are!