Dr. Segal's Holiday Gift Guide!

The holidays are here and we’re all about giving the gift of happy and healthy feet! To help check off your gift list, we’ve identified some specific people in your life who could really benefit from a pair (or two) of Dr. Segal’s socks. They definitely deserve a little extra pep in their step this holiday season!



Compression socks for women and men are incredibly beneficial for athletes and runners at any level, helping with performance, injury prevention and recovery! 

Dr. Segal’s compression socks: 


  • Increase circulation and improve blood flow while exercising
  • Increase the level of oxygen reaching working muscles and tissue
  • Combat lactic acid buildup which is responsible for the feeling of heaviness, fatigue and leg cramps
  • Reduce swelling and pain in the lower legs associated with pulled muscles and muscle tears
  • Help prevent injuries by protecting joints, ligaments and tendons which reduces the occurrence of shin splints and calf cramps  


Trust us, any athlete, regardless of what level they’re at, will love the benefits they get from Dr. Segal's compression socks for men and women! 






Now more than ever, we've seen healthcare professionals work incredibly hard to provide for others. Nurses and doctors are often on their feet for 12+ hours each day which can really take a toll on their bodies.  

Fortunately, Dr. Segal’s compression socks can do wonders to keep feet and legs feeling comfortable and energized throughout long shifts, because the last thing a nurse or doctor should be worrying about when they’re working is how uncomfortable their feet are. 

The best compression socks work to stimulate circulation in the legs and feet by helping push fluids and blood out of the legs and back to the heart. They create a gradient of pressure which helps prevent swelling and fatigue after a long day of working on your feet!






While people with diabetes often think about wearing special shoes to help protect their feet against certain foot conditions, people often forget about the importance of the socks they wear! 

Dr. Segal’s has created diabetic socks which are specially designed to protect a diabetic foot from developing additional issues. Conditions experienced by diabetics include neuropathy, foot ulcers, numbness and skin sensitivity due to poor circulation. 

Dr. Segal’s diabetic sock features include: 


  • Non-binding Top Band - The extremely stretchy top band allows for a comfortable fit that doesn’t bunch up and promotes circulation in the feet.
  • Seamless Toe - The seam on the inside of regular socks rubs on your toes throughout the day. For someone with diabetes, this can result in painful chafing and blisters. The seamless toe in Dr. Segal’s diabetic socks work to prevent the development of rubbing and blisters.
  • Antimicrobial Treatment - For people who experience foot conditions, it’s important to ensure your feet stay clean. The antimicrobial treatment on Dr. Segal’s diabetic socks prevent bacterial and fungal growth to keep your feet healthy.
  • Moisture Wicking - Nobody likes to experience moisture in their socks, let alone diabetics who can develop serious infections on their feet as a result. Having moisture wicking technology in diabetic socks ensures your feet are kept dry to prevent any skin infections from developing.
  • Cushioned Footbed - The extra padding on Dr. Segal’s diabetic socks help prevent injuries on your feet which could result in further complications or infections. 


Diabetic socks are also some of the the coziest socks you’ll find on the market. Check them out today! 





When you’re pregnant you can experience discomfort in your legs and feet for a number of reasons! Not only does the body’s blood volume increase up to 50% during pregnancy, but those who are pregnant also have a six-times higher risk of developing blood clots (DVT) than those who are not. 

Similarly, pregnancy can lead to painful varicose and spider veins that result from poor blood circulation, which are very difficult to reverse or treat without medical procedures. 

If you have any expecting mothers in your life, we guarantee that they could benefit from compression socks! 

Dr. Segal’s compression socks are the perfect level of compression (15-20 mmHg) to combat symptoms of pregnancy such as swelling, achiness and varicose veins. Shop our pregnancy collection today!