Can Diabetic Ankle Socks Really Work For You?
Can Diabetic Ankle Socks Really Work For You?

Diabetes is a serious disease that affects millions of people all over the globe. It is a condition that results from too much sugar in the blood. High levels of glucose in the bloodstream cause serious damage throughout the body. It tends to show up prominently in the lower extremities of the body, like the ankles and feet.

For this reason, typically people who suffer from diabetes often have issues with their feet and ankles that your average person does not. Often your doctor will highly recommend that people who have one or more of these persistent lower leg issues wear some type of special footwear, such as diabetic ankle socks.

What Are Diabetic Ankle Socks?

There are many different types of garments that are designed to help you with a number of different bodily issues. In the case of people who are battling the effects of diabetes issues are associated with their feet and ankles. Diabetic ankle socks are designed to help with the circulation, stability, and support of ankles and feet. They also help to keep the skin of the lower extremities in good condition which is crucial due to underlying circulation problems associated with diabetes.

How Are Diabetic Ankle Socks Made?

Diabetic ankle socks are made using materials that are designed especially for preventing foot fungus and bacterial growth. They are frequently made from materials that help wick away moisture from the skin to keep it drier. These socks often are made from wool or even bamboo for extra comfort against the skin. They can be found in a wide range of colors and they will usually ride up just above the ankle.

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Features of Diabetic Ankle Socks

Diabetic ankle socks are designed and manufactured in a way that helps people who suffer from all of the negative things that go along with the disease. Below is a list of the primary features of this kind of sock.

Non-elastic top band - No heavy elastic band at the top of socks to constrict circulation in the lower extremity of the leg, such as the ankle and foot.

Non-wrinkle design - Designed to be wrinkle-free without any extra fabric for extra comfort.

Prevents bacteria and fungus growth - The fibers that go into the fabric of these types of socks will either be infused with silver or copper making them antimicrobial. This helps to prevent the growth of bacteria that also prevent odors from being emitted from your feet.

Seamless construction - The lack of toe seams helps to prevent blisters from forming on your skin that can turn into ulcers if not watched closely.

Soft fibers in the fabric - The materials used to make the fabric are chosen for their unique softness characteristics. This helps to add to comfort against your skin when you are wearing them, especially for extended periods of time.

Stops at or just above the ankle - Diabetic socks come in wide lengths depending on the need. Ankle socks are designed to stop right at or be just above the ankle.

The extra padding of the soles - Extra padding on the soles of the socks for added comfort. This keeps the bottom of your feet protected as well.

Wicks away moisture - It is important to keep the skin of your feet and ankles dry. The material used in these socks helps to wick away the moisture and keep it away from your skin.

Benefits of Wearing Diabetic Ankle Socks

As with any specialty undergarments diabetic ankle socks are designed for a specific purpose and they provide a number of benefits to people who suffer from diabetes, including:

  • Extra cushioning helps eliminate the friction that leads to blistering

  • Helps to improve blood circulation through mild compression

  • Made from fabric that is soft, breathable, and comfortable

  • Snug fit, but not too tight around the feet and ankles

  • Protects the pressure points of the feet

  • Antimicrobial properties to prevent bacteria growth

  • Reduces or eliminates odor

Can Diabetic Ankle Socks Really Work For You?

Do All People With Diabetes Need Them?

Diabetes does not affect people in exactly the same way all the time. So, with that said, not all people who are diagnosed with diabetes will need to have to wear diabetic ankle socks. They are mostly recommended for the added comfort and benefits that they provide to the person wearing them.

Who Should Be Wearing Diabetic Ankle Socks?

Diabetes is a serious disease that results from having too much sugar in the blood. Part of managing the disease is caring for the potential damage to the nervous system and circulatory systems. One of the most severe nervous system disordered associated with diabetes is diabetic neuropathy. This often causes decreased sensation in the ankle and feet which can lead to a higher risk of injury.

Diabetic ankle socks are often recommended to provide added comfort. The same goes for diabetics who have serious circulatory conditions that tend to affect the healing of wounds. Diabetic Ankle Socks help to improve blood flow in and around the feet and ankles.

Final Thoughts

Diabetes is a very serious disease that millions of people are battling every day. The resulting high levels of sugar in the blood can cause a wide range of issues in the body. Unfortunately, much of the damage from diabetes affects the lower extremities like the feet and ankle.

Diabetic ankle socks were created to help provide comfort and support to your feet and ankles. They help to promote better circulation and comfort to the soles of your feet. They help to keep your skin cool and dry to prevent bacteria from growing and reduce odor. If you or someone you care about has diabetes, you should check them and see it for yourself.